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Tag: Scripting

The Nature of Code

Take some inspiration from nature for your animation and you might be able to create something that is a little more appealing and or interesting (hopefully)

To do this cool stuff you will benefit from learning some key concepts in maths. Learning maths is like eating your greens. Its probably good for you but Gaaah! its maths.

Take heart with some useful videos from Daniel Shiffman. With an engaging style he explains how coding, math and computer science concepts including vectors, trigonometry, noise etc can be used to simulate nature using forces, mass, friction, acceleration etc. The concepts are illustrated with practical examples in processing software. I found the content useful in gaining a greater understanding of how the concepts can be used across 3D including: shading, lighting, rigging and animation. It gets even more interesting with videos on autonomous agents, neural networks etc. Also check out his site where you can view the entire book or order a physical copy / ebook.


Random Colors with objectID in 3delight

This technique uses object ids and a shader to create random colors. Here is the mel script you will need to run and here is the shader.
– example scene. create piece of geometry, attach ‘random_id_surface’ shader.
– duplicate special options – duplicate geom as copy, group under “parent”, with “assign unique name to child nodes’
– select all the geom and run the mel script.

System Boot up / Shell Scripts

1 – Create a shell script e.g “3delight_boot.sh” file in /etc/init.d/ folder with command line instructions #!/bin/bash cd /software/3delight-9.0.0 source .3delight_bash licserver -d $DELIGHT/license.dat give it a chmod 777 in Fedoras regular GUI go 2 – system prefs – start up applications – add – command (browse to the shell script) 3 – Now the…