Helmer Render Farm

Inspired by the legend http://helmer.sfe.se/(external link)
I built my own back in June.

Ikea + Fedora + AMD AthlonII 4 core processors + Gigabyte MA78LM-S2 motherboards + netgear ethernet.

For the price of a shiny new mac I’ve got a 6 machine renderfarm with 24 cores. The modular nature of the shelving keeps everything organised. Just got the local garage to drill some holes for ventilation and the power buttons. Had to learn about Linux which was a pain but now I can run everything directly from my pc which is on windows using samba and vnc.

The Lollipop Shaders Book

To quote the site “The Lollipop Shaders Book contains the complete library of shaders including: hi-resolution renders, full source code, tutorials, and documentation” No expected price guide at the moment, but you can download some freebies and watch some clips http//www.lollipopshaders.com/

RSL NODE – bake out AO ptc

shading parameters

float i_inAlpha;
color i_inColor;
output float o_outAlpha;
output color o_outColor;
shader_output varying color aov_matte = 1.0;
string ptc_file = “default.ptc”;
string ptc_coordsys = “world”;

Shading Code

o_outAlpha = i_inAlpha;
o_outColor = i_inColor;
aov_matte = 1.0;

normal Nf = faceforward( normalize(N), I );

bake3d( ptc_file, “”, P, Nf,
“coordsystem”, ptc_coordsys,
“interpolate”, 1,
“_radiance”, Ci);

Turn off Cull Hidden Surfaces, Cull Backfacing Surfaces and Dice Raster Orient while baking

System Boot up / Shell Scripts

1 – Create a shell script e.g “3delight_boot.sh” file in /etc/init.d/ folder with command line instructions #!/bin/bash cd /software/3delight-9.0.0 source .3delight_bash licserver -d $DELIGHT/license.dat give it a chmod 777 in Fedoras regular GUI go 2 – system prefs – start up applications – add – command (browse to the shell script) 3 – Now the…