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A New Home for the 3delight Blogspot

Welcome to the new home for the 3delight blog. To date I’ve been using the free space at www.3delight.blogspot.com but will be developing this further and trying things out as I go along.

This Blog is for users of 3Delight and the Renderman format to put up their work, tips, workflow suggestions. C’mon lets havitttt! Just Drop a comment and I’ll send you contact email address (else I get spammed to death).

Any comment/content etc on the site doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the company/product/staff of DNA Research/3Delight.

…This website is in no way affiliated or sponsored by 3Delight. RenderMan™ is a registered trademark of Pixar Animation Studios. All tradenames and trademarks belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved.phew.

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  1. February 22, 2013 at 2:00 pm


    Have you ever tried Yeti with 3Delight? I’m eperiencing it and found this combo very efficient. Unfortunatelly I’m not very good at shading yet and run into some difficulties. I can’t make Yeti to use textures of the model. I found this as explanation:

    “By default 3delight will want to use s and t from the hairs ( curves ) themselves, which isn’t what you want most of the time – so Yeti defines the parent_s and parent_t primvars which you can access in your shader to make sure you’re using the surfaces u/v coordinates vs. the curves.”

    And I have no clue about it. Can you tell me where and how can I set these Primvars?

    In return I can make a short demo and tutorial of using Yeti (with 3Delight) for your Blog.

    Thanks in advance,


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