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Away from the screen and for those who like the feel of real paper then I would recommend two books that I’ve picked up in the last while. If your inclined to buy them them, why not click through and I’ll get something for all your effort > ). I got “setting the scene” for £20 – down from the regular £40 – so worth splashing the cash I think.

Setting the Scene – Fraser Maclean – 260 pages

Takes the reader through from the early pioneers of 2D to 3d, stereo cinematography, previz, gaming and where ideas in layout crossover and diverge. The book isn’t a How-To but writer Fraser Maclean includes interviews from over 100 artists, technicians and historians. These gave me plenty of knowledge juice. In particular I was interested in the discussions on combining 2D and 3D contents. One of the appeals of hand drawn 2D layout offers is pushing the reality and the drama of a story.

As an example have a look at this clip from Roger Rabbit and how they pushed the background layout

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