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Yeti for 3delight

Yeti for 3delight



A reader of the blog submitted the query below and notified me of a this new 3delight supported software http://peregrinelabs.com/yeti/.
At the moment I can’t answer his question – maybe you can.


Have you ever tried Yeti with 3Delight? I’m eperiencing it and found this combo very efficient. Unfortunatelly I’m not very good at shading yet and run into some difficulties. I can’t make Yeti to use textures of the model. I found this as explanation:

“By default 3delight will want to use s and t from the hairs ( curves ) themselves, which isn’t what you want most of the time – so Yeti defines the parent_s and parent_t primvars which you can access in your shader to make sure you’re using the surfaces u/v coordinates vs. the curves.”

And I have no clue about it. Can you tell me where and how can I set these Primvars?

In return I can make a short demo and tutorial of using Yeti (with 3Delight) for your Blog.

Thanks in advance,


2 comments for “Yeti for 3delight

  1. March 2, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    As long as you use YETI’s provided shader (pgYetiFur.sdl) all should work OK.

    For 3delight4maya you need to drop ‘file’ texture node in favur of rendermanCode node. Use this code:

    shader_input uniform float surf_s
    shader_input uniform float surf_t
    string texName
    output color outColor

    uniform float ss = surf_s;
    uniform float tt = 1 – surf_t;
    outColor = texture(texName, ss, tt);

    • ecclesiast
      December 13, 2013 at 5:27 pm

      It would be great to have a step by step tutorial of how to render yeti fur in 3delight. Attaching the pgYetiFur.sdl shader in the ‘Relationship editor’ doesn’t seem to do it for me.

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