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Inspiration of the day

Inspiration of the day

Back in the 80s there was a arcade game called “Dragons Lair” that had zero true game play but looked gorgeous and was a true coin eater. It was the first interactive animated video game for laser disc arcade games. It wasn’t long till Laser disc was to join all the other defunct formats!

Animation legend Don Bluth was involved in the making of Dragons Lair along with many other productions. Don Bluth has generously donated production artwork (1979 to 2000) to SCAD. They’ve made a start to uploading but as they say on the site “Though the processing of the collection will continue for many years, materials already processed are available to researchers now”

There are cels, animation drawings, storyboards, color models, and other materials created by Don Bluth and associated production companies.

The question is when are Disney and the ARL: Animation Research Library going to join the fun and put their archive online. Now that would be the mother lode. Though I guess while they’ve got the IP for all those “making of” art books – which I’m a sucker for – they won’t have much motivation.

2 comments for “Inspiration of the day

  1. August 20, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    Hey there, Digital-VFX Admin (whoever and wherever you are), delighted that you’ve found something to enjoy and inspire in “Setting The Scene” – in addition, of course, to Dick Williams and the character animation team, the guys who really deserve credit for the Maroon Cartoon are: master of Layout, Roy Naisbitt, expert rostrum cameraman, John Leatherbarrow and hand-drawn Effects supremo, Chris Knott. Anyone wanting to savour some more beautiful “traditional” scenic animation artwork should also definitely check out Disney’s own recent Archive Series volume, “Layout & Background” and anyone wishing to explore and learn more about hand-drawn layout techniques in particular should also check out the excellent books by Ed Ghertner and Mark T Byrne. Cheers for mentioning the book itself – but more importantly for showcasing the skills of the Layout crew, Fraser MacLean

  2. scott caple
    April 26, 2015 at 11:25 pm

    hey there, late to this party, but wonderful to be my good friend fraser’s wake… that would be my very own drawing on the right…story sketch for Thumbelina. I worked for Don B. / SB studios from 87 til 91 and a glorious time it was, despite any opinions on the final products. It was layout on All Dogs, RockaDoodle,Troll,Thumbelina and Pebble. Don created a story Unit for the last two, for which I was tapped. That’s the swallow doing the opening song as he flies through the french countryside…well, hats off to SCASD, willl have to make a pilgrimage there someday. Thanks for the shout out, guys!

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