dnPtcViewerNode – Plugin for Windows 7 64 bit, Maya 2012 x64, 3delight

I’m just at the start of understanding the process of building plugins for Maya with cmake/visual studio. After searching I came across this nicely detailed breakdown of how to build the dnPtcViewerNode. He shows the process in all its gory detail in under 10 mins.
Following it through I managed to compile for Windows 7 64 bit, Maya 2012. DOWNLOAD AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, IF YOUR CAT OR ANYTHING ELSE IS HARMED IN THE PROCESS, I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY Yada yada. download

Put it in the plugin folder, make sure its selected to load under the plug-in manager in Maya. Then run mel command createNode -n ptcShape dnPtcViewerNode

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