Procedural Run Program – Python

First baby steps in understanding how procedural run programs , python, Maya and 3delight work together
Need to make sure that you have Python installed. which you can double check by typing “python” in a command window. It will show up what version you have. in my case it Python 2.6.

This is a basic example that can be found elsewhere online. “”


This should be in your scripts folder which is then communicated with through the RiProcedural command in the the Pre-Geo mel script below.

In the Pre-GEO mel script of 3delight Geo Attribute placed on dummy geometry.

RiProcedural -pn “C:/python26/python.exe C:/scripts/” -p “” -b -1e38 1e38 -1e38 1e38 -1e38 1e38;

Switch off “geometry output” on geo attribute as well.

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  1. M
    November 21, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    While this may work (have not done RunProgram for years), you should construct your procedural as an infinite loop reading STDIN

    args = sys.stdin.readline()
    while args:
    sys.stdout.write(‘Sphere [3 -3 3 360]\n’)
    args = sys.stdin.readline()

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