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I run things on OSX so learning command line was something new to me. The thing to get your head around when you’ve installed 3delight is running command lines from a Terminal. If your used to point and click, then it takes a short while to understand it. If you know about setting up a batch render in Maya, you should have no problems with this. The Terminals can be found under the bin folder in 3delight. Just Drag a Alias copy of the ‘licserver’ onto your desktop for easy access. Double click on it to open a command line. The ‘Terminal’ is a standard part of OSX and can also be found in the ‘Utilities’ under ‘Applications’.

I keep all the regular commands I’m going to use in a text pad document on the desktop. Then just copy and paste (amending where appropriate). For example to get 3Delight up and running I put in “licserver $DELIGHT/license.dat” in the command line. Most functions are covered in the 3delighter for OSX application.


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  1. Serendipity
    November 10, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    Good words.

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