RIB Archive – Proxy Geometry 3delight

1 – create and output the Hi-res geometry
under 3delight render output – rendermode – rib archive
2 – create the lo-res geometry to fit around the border edges of the hi-res
3- create a geometry attribute and attach to the lores geometry (done through the 3delight menu)
4.- add in the following in ‘post geo mel’ of the geom attribute (change the $filename=”” and -bound details to the relevant details)
$filename=”C:/box_archive.rib”; RiProcedural -archiveName $filename -bound -14.18140411 8.21198082 -2.399588108 2.399588108 -11.89727116 10.49611473;
5 if we look in the //comment section of the outputted archive.rib created in stage 2 we can fill in the correct -bound numbers into stage 4 (cheers aghiles!)
# Bounds -14.18140411 8.21198082 -2.399588108 2.399588108 -11.89727116 10.49611473
# Start of geometry shader archives.

or a script solution (thanks ogre)
“If your rib file was exporter from 3dfm, or has bounds in the same format, you can use this command to read them
float $bounding_box[] = RiReadArchive -rb true -an $filepath;”

heres a quick example using some dynamics

— tip – group proxies before turning into rigid bodies, when dyanamics has run go to the frame where the pieces have settled in place, edit > delete by type > rigid bodies so that geometry is frozen in place

next thing is to look at mixing things up with a little randomisation in the RiProcedural to pull in variations on ribs.

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