Uberlight Shader (modified)

Heres a link to a modified uberlight shader provided in the Renderman Shading Language Guide. It’s been modified to work in 3delight as the one in the book had some issues.

Also I recommend anybody using the shader to combine it with the uberlighthelper python script which adds a visualisation of the shader. Note make sure UberLightHelper.py is loaded in the Maya Plug-in manager

1 Create a spotlight, attach a 3delight light attribute and the modified uberlight shader (“uberlight_delight”)
2. Run the mel script this will run the python script and also add a expression connection between the shader and the python visualiser.

It assumes that the shader is called delight_uberlight1 and the visualiser is uberLightHelper1 (you will need to modify the script if the details are different or create one that uses variables to pick up the details automatically)

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