Release of 3delight Studio 11 and 3Delight for Maya version 7.0.0.

I’m short on time to give a review now but releases of 3delight Studio 11 and 3Delight for Maya version 7.0.0. are now out.

Heres a little copy and paste of some of the new features

3Delight for Maya version 7.0.0

  • Choice of “Path Tracing” and “REYES” rendering technologies deliver the best quality and performance for any project scenario, be it multi-bounce global illumination or millions of hair strands.
  • Multi-channel EXR and Deep EXR (EXR 2.0) support for tight integration in advanced compositing software such as Nuke.
  • Unique “Multi-Camera” feature allowing the rendering of multiple views at the same time (e.g. stereo rendering).
  • Seamless rendering of Motion Blur and Depth of Field without the usual extreme slowdowns and quality issues.
  • Highest quality rendition of smooth surfaces (such as subdivisions, NURBS and Hair Curves) and fine displacements, without the need to set artificial tessellation limits.

Among the long list of features in 3Delight for Maya, you will find support for:

  • IPR rendering allows for realtime camera, light and material modifications
  • Complete support for the Maya rendering workflow, including Fluids, HyperShade, Layers , Maya Fur, Maya Hair, etc…
  • Easy to use physically plausible material allows for rendering of large variety of surfaces, including coated and translucent surfaces with subsurface scattering and skin.
  • Supports a complete list of AOVs.
  • Modern, pass-oriented rendering system allows for greater productivity.
  • Out-of-the box support for Shave&Haircut as well as Maya Fur and Maya Hair.
  • i-display flip book for advanced image viewing, exploring and organization.
  • Point-cloud techniques as an alternate global illumination algorithm for smooth one bounce global illumination.
  • Easy to use Image Based Lighting feature allows for beautiful rendering of environment map light and shadows.
  • Industry renown rendering of particles. Hundredths of millions of lightweight particles can be rendering with easy in 3Delight.

A new version was out also out last week for xsi and softimage



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