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Category: shaders

The Lollipop Shaders Book

To quote the site “The Lollipop Shaders Book contains the complete library of shaders including: hi-resolution renders, full source code, tutorials, and documentation” No expected price guide at the moment, but you can download some freebies and watch some clips http//www.lollipopshaders.com/

RSL NODE – bake out AO ptc

shading parameters

float i_inAlpha;
color i_inColor;
output float o_outAlpha;
output color o_outColor;
shader_output varying color aov_matte = 1.0;
string ptc_file = “default.ptc”;
string ptc_coordsys = “world”;

Shading Code

o_outAlpha = i_inAlpha;
o_outColor = i_inColor;
aov_matte = 1.0;

normal Nf = faceforward( normalize(N), I );

bake3d( ptc_file, “”, P, Nf,
“coordsystem”, ptc_coordsys,
“interpolate”, 1,
“_radiance”, Ci);

Turn off Cull Hidden Surfaces, Cull Backfacing Surfaces and Dice Raster Orient while baking


Bumped this over from the 3delight forum as well. Cheers Baopao This is my way for ptc based indirectdiffuse() with 3dl 9.0.0. http://www.alessandrodallafontana.com/p … p_mall.htm here you will find 3 shaders. I use standard maya shader. I create a render pass for bake with in PreWorldMel: RiAttribute -n “cull” -p “hidden” “integer” “0” -p “backfacing”…


Hi, nice blog! I have create this shader for my work, for silk, velvet and aniso – metal….(based on some shader of Renderman Sigg. couse) it is not like a Bertrand’s best shader, but have a some tex multiply option…… and works with polygons. Test with low raytrace: give a look. ciao Alessandro Dalla Fontana…


1. Select geometry. Assign custom attributes and new instance of bake_occlusion shader to each selected part. Ensure ‘cull Hidden’ and ‘Cullbacking surfaces’ are deselected under the geometry attribute. When rendering make sure all the geometry is viewable in the resolution gate. Ensure that geometry attribute has Visibility – Diffuse Raya(Occlusion) – Shader Color and Opacity…

Secondary outputs

Rudy over at renderman academy has already given an excellent run through of this, but theres no harm in doing another run through, in particular what you need to put in the 3delight UI for it to work. First thing I modify the shinymetal shader. surface shinymetal( float Ka = 1; float Ks = 1;…