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Primitive Variables on Curve

As a follow up to the previous post I mentioned the curve shader from pixar. Heres a quick piece of code (i’ve used pymel in this example) to add on the primitive variable to the shape node of each curve so each one can have its own start frame and animLength

and with colours…

Yeti for 3delight

UPDATE // CHECK OUT COMMENT FOR ANSWER.. THANKS MICHAL previously………………………………………… A reader of the blog submitted the query below and notified me of a this new 3delight supported software At the moment I can’t answer his question – maybe you can. ///////////////////////////////////// Have you ever tried Yeti with 3Delight? I’m eperiencing it and found…

Random Colors with objectID in 3delight

This technique uses object ids and a shader to create random colors. Here is the mel script you will need to run and here is the shader.
– example scene. create piece of geometry, attach ‘random_id_surface’ shader.
– duplicate special options – duplicate geom as copy, group under “parent”, with “assign unique name to child nodes’
– select all the geom and run the mel script.