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IBL & HDR Tutorials

Hi luke, I saw my tutorials in your blog…I have also IBL and HDR system tutorials in my blog: if you want, you can use it. bye, Luciano another one… bye, Luciano ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Cheers Luciano — tuck in everybody…………..


In Renderman Advanced they explain how to use system co-ordinate blockers. In filmmaking the lighting guys will often use boards to block off light.
This is very simple.
1. Under 3delight menu, Add Coordinate system.
2. put the name eg ‘delightCoordinateSystemShape1’ into the ‘blockercoords’ section of the
uberlight shader
3. Move co-ordinate system into place. Adjust blocker settings in uberlight.


1. Attach a ‘occlight’ shader to a ambient light. You can set the ambient light
to 0. Any geometry in the scene will have occlusion lighting if you set its transmission attribute to
‘opaque’. This can be found under the geometry attributes. I added a uberlight spot to the scene as well.