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Random Colors with objectID in 3delight

This technique uses object ids and a shader to create random colors. Here is the mel script you will need to run and here is the shader.
– example scene. create piece of geometry, attach ‘random_id_surface’ shader.
– duplicate special options – duplicate geom as copy, group under “parent”, with “assign unique name to child nodes’
– select all the geom and run the mel script.

System Boot up / Shell Scripts

1 – Create a shell script e.g “” file in /etc/init.d/ folder with command line instructions #!/bin/bash cd /software/3delight-9.0.0 source .3delight_bash licserver -d $DELIGHT/license.dat give it a chmod 777 in Fedoras regular GUI go 2 – system prefs – start up applications – add – command (browse to the shell script) 3 – Now the…

Command Line

I run things on OSX so learning command line was something new to me. The thing to get your head around when you’ve installed 3delight is running command lines from a Terminal. If your used to point and click, then it takes a short while to understand it. If you know about setting up a…