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Physically Plausible Shading

Here’s a couple of videos explaining physically plausible shading and the advantages over the older methods. For instance if you are clamping your HDRs to 8 bit or blurring environment maps to cheat noise artifacts when using raytracing – these vids explain the improvements to be found using PPS. They are part of a 16 hour course for Renderman Studio 4.0 – which ships with ‘plausible’ shaders. At the moment the free version of (3Delight Studio Pro version 10.0.50).doesn’t have the shader’s- have no idea if the paid version includes them or when

Here’s a PDF illustrating the talk that Christos Obretenov gives in the video

Here’s a PDF on Physically-Based Shading at Disney

Here’s a related tutorial youtube clip from Mark Flanagan – along with some more quick tutorials for Renderman Studio. Thanks for the comments Mark